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Friday, April 07, 2006

Rock Star Lifestyle on a Dime – Art and Accessories for the House

I have this unexplainable desire for plates and glasses and other crap I
don’t really need. Even though I have more than I have room for in my
studio, I want more. Along the way, I’ve found some great deals and wanted
to share some tips. I got my everyday plates, bowls and coffee cups (fine
bone china by Rhumba) from Overstock for less than $50. To be honest, I
haven’t had anything but bad luck with Overstock. One of the cups was
broken. I once ordered a coffee table, they sent me an umbrella. I ordered a
shelf and the glass was broken, so buyer-beware with Overstock. However, my
former roommates, sister and cousin have had great luck with them. My cousin
saved a $100 per stool on the exact same stool they were planning on buying
from Great Indoors.

I’ve also had great luck with Crate & Barrel’s online outlet and found some
super cheap deals there. We don’t have a real Crate & Barrel outlet but if you’re an outlet fan like me, here’s a great tip – call and ask them when they stock their
merchandise. Great deals can go quickly, so ask them what days they get their
shipments in and stalk the store on those days.

If you like framed art like I do, be sure to check out local student artists
and their sales. The student art league has a giant sale each year and you
can find cool stuff there. The art center where I take ballet,
semi-regularly has a pottery sale from its artists. My Dad also used to use
eBay to buy art from unknown artists. I truthfully can’t tell the difference
between their artwork and the professionals, so why pay the difference? The
best method to buying art I’ve ever heard is something along the lines of that it doesn’t matter whether you get it from an art gallery or a garage sale, it just has to be moving to you.

I also inherited my parent’s taste for all things Asian. You can buy
expensive plates at your local gourmet shop OR you can check out your local
Asian market or food store. I’ve found super-cheap plates at a place called
Troung an Video, which in addition to renting Asian videos, has a large
selection of Asian Plates.

Any other tips?


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