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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Retiring in a Tuscan Villa

Ever since reading Under the Tuscan Sun I’ve dreamed of buying my own villa in Tuscany. (I should probably visit first before I commit to living there : ) However, my wants for retirement aren’t exactly keeping up with my current financial planning. I contribute 7 percent to my 401 K (3 percent is matched at 100 percent and 2 percent is matched at 80 percent). To that end, I’ve also decided to do a Roth IRA for $4,000 for 2005 and 2006. (Thanks to Our Balance Sheet for the heads up that you could still contribute for 2005). I met with our work’s financial planner from Wachovia who does our retirement planning who told me NOT to invest with him because of the commissions that would be involved. He advised me to invest in an index-fund with Vanguard or a managed fund with another company that I’m totally forgetting. I’m really impressed with his honesty and may invest him in the future. He even told me to check out which fund I want, and he would advise me over the phone to make sure it would provide diversity to my current retirement portfolio. That is phenomenal service. I would definitely consider investing with them in the future. Now I just have to pick out a fund.


At Tue Apr 04, 08:13:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Lisa said...

Funny - a very good friend also wanted to retire to Tuscany after seeing "Under a Tuscan Sun".

I decided to go with Vanguard as well for their relatively low expense overhead. Have fun picking funds!


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