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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Checking off an item on your life's to-do list? Priceless.

$100 for a twelve-week ballet class
$117 - Two pairs of pink tights, one black leotard, one black skirt and one pair of pink ballet shoes

$217 - Checking off one of the items on your life's to-do list. Priceless.

I just finished taking a ballet class, which is one of four items on my life's to-do list (the other three are to write a book, learn Italian and to visit Africa). I always wanted to take ballet when I was little, but I was so uncoordinated that my parents signed me up for pottery instead. I would walk by the ballet studio on the way to sling clay around in my pottery class and would be so envious of all those graceful dancers. So I finally got around to signing myself up for ballet. I wanted to quit the first night because it was a little painful (as all dance classes typically are for people with no balance, coordination or rhythm. : ) But I stuck it out and the $217 was well worth the feeling of accomplishment. I liked it so much I signed up again for another twelve-week course.

This is exactly how I want to spend my money. On life experiences. Trying different things. Pushing myself out of my comfort zone. This summer I'm really going to push myself to get out of my apartment and to LIVE. So I also signed up for a 0ne day class on Japanese flower arranging. : )


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