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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Sheep Syndrome

One of the biggest obstacles to controlling my spending is that I totally have sheep syndrome. I can't stand being left out. So if my friends are going to a concert that I particularly don't want to go to, I go anyway. Because I can't stand the idea of everyone having fun without me. It gets expensive. I find myself doing (mostly purchasing items) that I shouldn't because I don't want to feel like I'm the only one not doing it or not owning it. It's a little out of control because if I really want it, I buy it.

It's not something easily controlled. However, you only covet what you see and are around so I try to limit my exposure to expensive shops or magazines that will only encourage me to buy. I live in a separate city from all of former college friends, which helps a lot. I miss them tons but they are in a totally different income bracket than me -- engineering, sales, accounting, etc. So they live a different lifestyle than I can afford and the temptation would be too much for me. But visiting them can be very expensive.

Reading The Millionaire Next Door helped me a lot too. It helped me realize that a lot of people live beyond their means and that what I really might be envious of is credit card debt (when I have none). How does everyone else deal when they want things they can't afford?


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