Scared of Money

This is about getting the most out of life for the least amount of money. And doing it with a bit of style.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Insufficient Responsibility

Last weekend, I went to this cute little mountain town about 6 hours away with two co-workers to sit in the hot springs. I was really proud of myself because we kept costs down to a minimum. We stayed at my friend's brother's house, we went to cheap restaurants, I didn't buy souvenirs, etc. We did stop at the outlets and I told myself I would buy something ONLY if it was truly a good bargain and I really needed it. I walked away with a pair of classic black Banana Republic pants for $35. Not bad.

A good start to being financially responsible, right? Not so much.

I got home and checked my mail and found an insufficient fund notice from my bank. So I check my online bank account and found FIFTEEN insufficient fund notices. For which I got charged $28 a piece. For a grand total of $420. I forgot about this huge check I wrote that got cashed while I was on vacation. I tried not to think about it but then I thought about all these Coach purses I didn't buy at the outlet and realized I could have bought TWO Coach purses for this amount. I almost died.

Deep breath...I called my bank and they agreed to take two of the charges away. I pushed for more because most of those debit charges were $6 and under and I've been a really good customer. In the end, they agreed to take away 6 of the charges. I was hoping for 8 but it's still a good deal. An important lesson I've learned is that you can always ask and the worse they can say is no. But I'm still mad at myself because I thought I was putting these stupid financial mistakes behind me. So now I'm going on a "saving spree" which is a term I learned about from Savvy Saver.