Scared of Money

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Monday, March 06, 2006

I HEART U.S. Weekly

I adore celebrity gossip. Really I wish I didn't care who wore what, who hates who and who is sleeping together. But I do. A lot.

To feed my addiction, my sister got me an expensive subscription to U.S. Weekly but in reality, by the time I get my mag in the mail, I already knew all of the scoop. A frequent tip I've seen on cutting down on costs is to get rid of subscriptions. As long as you don't end up paying newsstand prices, you can probably save a lot. I have an out of control reading habit but I save on my subscription costs by ALWAYS choosing the longest line at the grocery store to catch up, going to Barnes & Noble and reading their magazines cover-to-cover (and then I leave), taking advantage of my public relations firm's massive subscription list, reading all of the free electronic media and taking my neighbor's newspapers at the end of the night (I know, I know it sounds like stealing but I only take a copy at 9 pooh and only if there are several papers left in the basket.)

In the end, I only end up having four subscriptions -- Cooking Light, Cook's Illustrated (gift), 5280 (free when I joined the Art Museum) and U.S. Weekly (gift), but if I paid for everything I read it would be like $700 a year. Just some inexpensive ways to keep up with an elaborate reading list.