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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Last week, I decided to go off my saving spree and check on my FICO score. In May 2005, I had a borderline crappy FICO score (600 something?), and was considered a credit risk by my apartment company. I had to pay an extra month's rent (ouch) to get into my apartment. I did a little bit of research and found out I had an unpaid bill. In 1999, I broke my leg two weeks after my 18th birthday (otherwise it wouldn't have mattered). My mom and the insurance went back and forth for a couple of months but I thought it was taken care of in the end. Turns out some $30 bill had never been paid. I paid it immediately but it still took its effect on my FICO score. I also had a credit card bill that went unpaid past 30 days in 2001. I wish I knew how important that score was back then.

I checked back again in November and my score went up to 750. I checked again last week and I'm at 772! YES!!! Finally, my financial responsibility has something to show for itself. The cast was so old it finally went off my credit report. I want to buy a condo/house in the next year or so, which makes this score really important. I have two more years until the credit card bill falls off. Any other credit report tricks?


At Fri Apr 14, 09:25:00 PM PDT, Blogger mOOm said...

My score is only 724 :(


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