Scared of Money

This is about getting the most out of life for the least amount of money. And doing it with a bit of style.

Monday, March 06, 2006

5K, 24 K, 401 K

Of all these K's, the only one I have a true affinity for is 24 K. Preferably in the form of white gold jewelery. : ) However, I recently had my six-month review and got a raise so I'm going to up my 401 K contribution from six percent to seven percent. It's not much much but it's a start. I'm not really going to miss that one extra percent. Plus, I LOVE the feeling of ensuring the IRS isn't getting anymore of my money than necessary. Take your grubby little hands off Uncle Sam! That's money for my second home right there, preferably somewhere in Tuscany. Ok, ok, so I'm going to need to contribute more than one percent to get a villa in Tuscany but you can dream right?