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Monday, February 20, 2006

Put That On My Tab!

It's a nasty habit but when I drink, I tend to be a little too generous with my money. The more drinks I have, the more money I seem to think I have. So I tend to pick up other's drinks. Certainly I don't want to be ungenerous but this is one habit I really want to put an end to. I also want to watch how much I'm drinking and to make sure I'm paying attention to specials.

So last Saturday, my friend was throwing a party at a local establishment and I invited friends over to pre-drink. I have an over abundance of hard alcohol and figured that was a good way to start cutting down on costs. We had a couple of drinks and then headed over. It's literally the bar next door to me. (Living downtown certainly cuts down on cab costs.)

Yet at the end of the night as I went to pay my tab, I found like 4 drinks on my tab that weren't mine. Undoubtedly I had a bit too much too drink but I hadn't been drinking that much that I wouldn't have remembered taking three jaeger shots and finishing off a red bull and vodka. Plus, my friend was with me the whole time (and in a much better state than I was) and she said I never got those drinks for me or anyone else. But yet because I had been drinking, I felt uncomfortable arguing the bill (which more than doubled my tab). So what should have been a very frugal night, was more expensive than necessary.

So should I have argued the tab knowing they wouldn't have taken me seriously?


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