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Monday, February 06, 2006

I Don't Balance My Check Book

I don't balance my check book (I'm not even sure where it is)...I don't pay my bills on time...I'd love to post my net worth but I don't have a clue (because I don't open my mail)...I can justify any purchase, which is how my bank account empties out pretty quick. I'm kinda what you could label a financial mess. In the first Shopalcoholic book, the main character, Becky Bloomwood, throws away her bills in the hope that someone will find them and pay them for her. My financial strategy is a bit more strategic then that but not much more.

I'm starting this blog in hopes of curing some of my worse habits, to develop some financial goals and to figure out my net worth. I was inspired by some of the better financial blogs out there.


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